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Don't Hide your smile - Hide your braces now !

A practically new invisible way to change your smile with Invisible braces/Lingual braces. Don't let anyone know you are wearing braces unless you tell them!

When you wear lingual braces, you can smile with confidence! Advantages of Invisible BracesTotally invisibleIntelligent - Lingual braces are customized with intelligent wires and brackets engineered to deliver controlled force.Individualized - We do not use readymade brackets but use custom made lingual braces that exactly fit the shape of your teeth. These brackets are fabricated with a CAD-CAM machine to precisely fit your teeth lingual surfaces.

Choose the best for your smile! Why "All Smiles" for orthodontic treatment in Bangalore? 1. Full-time orthodontist-specializing in invisible braces Individual Attention! The orthodontist here is the co-founder of the centre working for full time which ensures individual attention and makes it convenient for the patient to fix follow up appointments.

2. No compromise in ste…