Craft Your Smiles With Dental Implants

Dental replacement has been done for many years now. The conventional dental replacement with dentures created a lot of issues on par with their benefits. The problems of loose dentures can now be forgotten with dental implants invading the teeth replacement treatment techniques.

A dental implant is a small metal rod made of titanium, that acts as a tooth root. These are positioned in the jaw bones with the help of surgical procedure and can be fitted with prosthesis teeth and bridges.
The dental implants fuse together with the bones and provide adequate support for the replacement teeth. Their stable fit does not allow shifting and thus resemble natural set of teeth greatly. Implants do not require the support of adjoining teeth and ensures overall oral health. For dental replacement with dental implants, healthy gums and bones are a prerequisite.

  • Resembles natural teeth in look and function
  • They are long term or permanent solution
  • Better appearance helps in boosting confidence and beauty of smile
  • Helps retain the face shape by avoiding sunken look due to teeth lose
  • Can brush, floss and follow all oral hygiene procedures like natural teeth.
  • Supports basic life functions like eating, chewing and talking properly
  • Resistant to cavities
  • Stable than conventional dentures and bridges
  • Do not affect the adjacent natural teeth.
  • Ensures better health of jaw bones and bone density.
The cost and time required for the treatment depend largely on the number of implants and the extend of work required.

All Smiles Dental Care, based in Bangalore is reputed for its international level expertise and an experience spanning over 20 years in the dental field. With varied treatment options and high quality implants, the hospital provides expert treatment and a choice for sedation for the benefit of over anxious patients.

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