Thursday, 19 January 2017

Would You Like to Straighten Your Teeth

Lingual Braces is a treatment method where the appliance (brackets, wires and elastics) used to rearrange your teeth is mounted on their backside (tongue side). Due to this positioning, they're sometimes called "inside" braces. In comparison, conventional "outside" braces are placed on the side of your teeth that shows.

While the location of the appliance used is reversed, both conventional and lingual technique share many similarities in terms of the type of hardware and orthodontic principles involved.
The fabrication and placement process used with the newest lingual systems is very different than that used with conventional "front side" dental braces.
The metal components (brackets and wires) of lingual systems are all custom fabricated for each individual patient using CAD/CAM and robotic wire bending technology. When a patient's (upper or lower) brackets are attached to their teeth, they're all cemented into place at the same time.

In comparison, getting conventional braces usually involves the use of stock parts and individual bracket placement.

The chief advantage of having lingual treatment lies in the fact that your braces are invisible. If someone carefully looks into your mouth they may catch a glimpse of your appliance (especially if you're wearing them on your lower teeth). But otherwise they're not easily detected.
If you feel that wearing conventional braces would simply be too embarrassing, this is one of the "invisible" orthodontic methods that you might consider.

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