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Save Your Tooth With A Root Canal

Cavities and related pain are nothing strange to most of us. However, the inconvenience of having the tooth removed is worrisome and hence the popularity of root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is an efficient procedure for managing cavities, infections and tooth decay, without the removal of affected teeth. 

The procedure of root canal treatment or RCT involves the removal of the decayed pulp within the damaged teeth, disinfecting the area and then refilling and sealing the teeth to look and function like normal healthy one. The scope of the treatment involves an infection of teeth pulp due to cracks in teeth, decay, trauma or wear due to repeated dental treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

The procedure of root canal treatment can be done in about 2 to 3 sittings, with each session spanning about half an hour. Each session can be done in an interval of around 3 or 4 days. The timings for the procedure are dependent on the intensity and spread of decay. 

The treatment for root canal is initiated after an X-ray screening, to analyse the intensity of the problem and the exact location of decay. The treatment course is charted after the analysis of the X-ray. The procedure is performed after numbing the area by administering local anaesthesia. 

RCT is done when the teeth root is damaged and get inflamed and infected. After the tooth area is numbed, the pulp chamber is accessed from the crown through an opening made there. The infected and decayed pulp is removed with the help of files. 

The pulp canal is then shaped for filling with inert material. Before the filling is carried out, the area is disinfected and cleaned off debris with the technique called irrigation. This is then followed by the filling procedure, where the tooth canal is filled with a permanent material. 

Once the process is completed a cap or crown shaped like a natural tooth is placed on the top of the teeth to seal the filling inside. The crown is then cemented to stay in place.

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