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Lingual Braces in Bangalore

Lingual braces is the treatment method in which material such as brackets, wires, or elastics are used to rearrange the teeth that are mounted on the back side of the jaws (tongue side). They are also called as “inside braces” due to their positioning. Conventional braces are “outside braces” and are placed on the side of teeth that show from the outside. The only difference between conventional and lingual braces is their position otherwise they are same in the type of hardware used and lingual principles involved. The main benefit of having lingual treatment in All Smiles Dental Clinic is that it as the best dentist in Bangalore.

Lingual braces can important for the long term growth of the teeth, jaw joints, and gums by developing an equal pressure to all the teeth. Although, it is difficult to clean the teeth as they are positioning backside but also this treatment enables teeth to bite together.  Again, it is little difficult to get used to and wear and takes time in comparison to the conventional braces. Lingual braces place upper and lower jaws in a correct position to bite. If teeth do not meet correctly then it can put a strain on jaw muscles and cause jaws problems and pain.

Basically, treatment plans are based on the patient situation and can take one to three years. Lingual braces are more comfortable now and provide a constant gentle pressure to the teeth and need fewer alterations.

All Smiles Dental Clinic, Bangalore has best dentists for the dental problems. The orthodontists of the clinic are highly skilled, helpful and enthusiastic to their work. The clinic provides best dental braces in Bangalore from both the terms of quality and durability. The clinic also charges low cost for the dental braces.

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