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What you need to know about Tooth Implantation

What exactly is Tooth Implantation?

      If you are a person who takes much care of your teeth and vigilant about oral hygiene, chances are you won’t be experiencing the pain and difficulties of missing teeth. However, if you got end up losing one or more of your teeth through accident, or some dental issues, tooth Implantation can be an ideal solution for your problems.

     The lost or damaged tooth is replaced by new ceramic ones. The tooth implantation can be done for one or more tooth with the advanced procedures of single and multiple tooth replacements.

How is Tooth Implantation is done? 

  Tooth implantation is done using dental implants. Dental implants are considered as the nearly perfect replacement for natural teeth. The screw like structure which act as the fixed base of the replaced tooth will be acting as the new teeth root. 

    Dental implants have many advantages while comparing to tooth replacement options. Dental implants replace teeth which is similar to the original teeth both in the look and functioning, without disturbing the nearby teeth. It not only just replace the tooth root, but also preserves the bone unaffected. These are also used to integrate with the jawbone and help to keep the bone intact and healthy.

Why Allsmiles Dental Clinic ?

There are certain factors which make Allsmile Center to standalone from other clinic and get its happy clients.
  • It's EXPERIENCE in the field which helps to produce the best results
  • The EXPERTISE in the field as One of the world's best 
  • Use of Best QUALITY IMPLANTS for assuring the safety 
  • Different TREATMENT OPTIONS according to any clinical situation 
  • STERILIZATION and safety for yielding higher Success rate 
  • CHOICE OF SEDATION according to the requirement

Tooth Implantation Cost In Bangalore

The cost of the procedure depends on a few factors such as the material  and the number of implants, the facilities at the hospital, the expense of the chosen procedure and the expertise of the dental surgeon , who performs the procedure.

All Smiles Dental Centre offers the most affordable Tooth Implantation cost In Bangalore with the high success rate. 

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