Tuesday, 15 October 2019

The Feeling Of Fixed Teeth

Partial or removable dentures can create low self-esteem and poor quality of life. Implant-supported dentures can return the feeling of fixed teeth for a lifetime. People with multiple or all of their teeth missing can undergo overdentures or implant-supported dentures. Overdentures are replacement teeth that are retained by dental implants. It will also slow down the bone loss as it could act like a tooth root in the bone.
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Types of Overdenture Treatment

Overdentures were developed for people who are missing teeth partially or completely. There are 3 types of overdentures:
  • Implant retained, gum supported: Overdenture rests directly on the gums and will be retained with the implants on the upper or lower jaws.
  • Bar - retained, implant-supported - Metal bars that connect to the upper or lower jaw will be implanted with the overdenture.
  • Fixed, implant-supported - It is one piece framework secured using screws to implants placed either on the upper or lower jaws. This overdenture can be removed only with the help of a dentist.

Benefits Of Overdentures

Replacing missing teeth can always improve dental appearance and smile. There are few more benefits for overdentures such as:
  • Helps retain facial features & structure: When there is an unhealthy or under-stimulated jaw it will create the skin near the nose and chin to shrink and look aged. Replacing the missing teeth with overdentures can help retain facial features.
  • Better digestion: Overdentures are more stable so food can be chewed well which in turn promotes better digestion.
  • Slows bone loss: Overdentures will help to stimulate the jaw bone while eating. This stimulation will slow down or even stop the bone loss.
  • More comfort: Replacing the missing teeth can return good comfort to talk and chew.
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Oral Care Tips For Dentures 

  • Clean dentures: Brushing the dentures can clear out the food and dental plaque preventing the dentures from getting stained.
  • Take care of the mouth: Before wearing dentures daily, brush and clean the mouth to prevent dental plaque.
  • Consult the dentist: Meet the dentist if the dentures become loose, crack or break.

An implant-supported overdentures can always bring back the smile and make an individual feel complete.Meet Dr Trivikram, the expert cosmetic dentist and implant surgeon for your implant treatment. Dr Trivikram's ALL SMILES DENTAL-COSMETIC DENTISTRY, 64, Shankar mutt Road, Basavanagudi, BANGALORE-560004. Ph-9845085230.
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