Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Dental Implants

 A dental implant is a surgical process that involves a dental prosthesis (an artificial device that replaces a missing body part). It’s an intraoral (inside the mouth) process that happens to correct/repair the imperfections like missing teeth, or their parts, soft or hard parts of the jaw, etc. The dental prosthesis will correct the mastication, improve the aesthetics of the mouth, and aid speech.


Why should you go for Dental Implants?

There are various advantages of dental implants, here’s a list of the top few:

  • Modern-day technology has enabled the dental implanting process so smooth and natural-looking that it seems like our own teeth. They’re embedded in the jaw bone to give strength and support. Super natural-looking and can be maintained just by brushing and flossing as you’d do to your natural teeth.
  • It might seem intimidating to get dental implants but you need to relax as it’s a one-time affair and doesn’t require to be replaced even after a few years. They can stay longer if taken good care of.
  • As they are more comfortable in the mouth they make it easy to chew your food.
  • They enable you to speak fluently and with confidence, as there are no chances of any tooth slip causing your tongue to twist.
  • Implants don’t affect the adjacent or rest of the teeth.
  • They prevent bone loss by stimulating the growth of the jaw bone which otherwise will end up changing your look.
  • Dental implants with a crown on top are low maintenance, as they require regular cleanings like your original teeth and a timely visit to a dentist.

The implantation process success depends greatly on the overall health of the person it is performed on and of course on the dentist who performs it. It is, therefore, vital that you take advice from a good and experienced orthodontist. Dr.Trivikram's Allsmiles Cosmetic Dentistry can offer you the best consultation and services.

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