Thursday, 30 December 2021

No Braces Smile Makeover in 2 Weeks

 No matter what clothes you wear or what makeup you put on, your smile is the most important thing that completes your look. But if your teeth have some complications then you might feel shy and under confident while putting on a smile. Not to worry there are a number of ways this issue can be resolved. Apart from the age-old process of metal braces that are painful and time taking, a smile makeover is the best solution.

no braces smile-makeover in two weeks

A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance and essence of your smile by performing a set of cosmetic dentistry procedures. The procedures that make a smile makeover are dental veneers, composite bonding, teeth whitening and tooth implants. 

While smile makeovers and similar surgeries were restricted to celebrities or TV stars, Dr. Trivikram and people at Dr. Trivikram's All Smiles Dental believes everyone has equal rights to look beautiful and smile beautifully. Dr. Trivikram's All Smiles Dental is the one shot solution for all the dental problems you might have. They offer the best kind of smile makeover and that too under an affordable price and this is the reason why they have won the hearts of more than 18,000 patients from around the world.


Having done over 7500 smile makeovers, Dr. Trivikram is an expert in converting your insecurities into abilities. Smile makeovers are a critical treatment and it should be done very carefully as it can make or break the appearance of your face. Dr. Trivikram considers a lot of factors while working on your smile. Your skin tone, teeth alignment, balance of teeth, tooth length, tooth proportion, smile line and tooth characteristics are the major factors that help in improving your beautiful smile.

This customer-centric, highly professional dental clinic is located in the heart of Bangalore. You can visit their official website to read customer reviews, check out the types of surgeries offered and book an appointment for yourself, easily.

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